Friday, June 13, 2014

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Sardinia


Sardinia, Italia is a beautiful island located to the west of Italy in the Mediterranean sea. It is the second largest island in the Mediterranean sea after Sicily! It is famous for it's wild landscapes, which tend to resemble a mixture of countries such as Greece, Morocco, and even the rolling green found in Ireland. Tourists come from near and far to enjoy the wonderful beaches and the rich history which can be found scattered all around the island, a bit like a scavenger hunt! Sardinia has a very rich culture which can be seen virtually everywhere you look. Alongside Italian (Italiano), the official langualge throughout Sardinia is Sardinian (Sardu) which is the most widely spoken language on the island. Sardinian is a distinct branch of the Romance language family, and actually not an italian dialect. The language has been influenced by Catalan, Spanish and indigenous Nuragic. You can find many varieties of this dialect and interesting enough, it is difficult for people from different parts of the island to understand the other dialects spoken. Typical dishes can be sampled such as mirto (a digestive liquor), pane carasau (a crispy, flat bread), and seadas (a cheese fritter with honey). Don't forget to sample the incredible Pecorino Sardo when you are there! Don't worry, the little vendors will even come to you while you are on the beach or relaxing in your apartment.

If I haven't already listed enough reasons to visit, then let me list some of Amancara's top suggestions for things to do on your next trip to Sardinia! 

1. Obviously our number one is visiting our shop in Porto Cervo! 
Our shop is only open during the summer months and there you can find a huge collection of our luxury interiors and speak with some of our professionals about refitting your yacht or dressing your beds! If you are just browsing for some last minute gift ideas, we also have a beautiful selection of creams, perfumes, and other great accessories such as leather bags, cashmere mantles and scarves!

 2. Porto Cervo Marina
The Costa Smeralda, in the North-East of Sardinia, is the favorite holiday destination for some of the wealthiest people in the world. Ever since Prince Aga Khan visited this region in the 60′s, many celebrities have chosen the Sardinian Emerald Coast to spend their vacation. This makes finding an affordable hotel during the summer months relatively difficult, but the side effect is that there’s a lot to see when you’re strolling along the shoreline. In July and August, many millions of euros float in the harbor of Porto Cervo, which is the place to be for luxury yacht spotters during the summer. At the Porto Cervo Yacht Club, spotting multi million dollar yachts, is not very difficult.

3. Neptune Caves
The most popular caves of Sardinia to find in Alghero and are dedicated to the sea God Neptune. They are both reachable via ferry boat and through a 600 steps staircase, offering stunning views over the sea and the coast.

4. Nuraghe of Barumini
It is the most important and well preserved among about 7,000 nuraghe spread all over the island, also called “ Su Nuraxi' . The Nuraghe, in 1997 was declared World Heritage by UNESCO and is absolutely a Sardinian place worth visiting. 

5) Maddalena Archipelago

Consisting of 7 major islands, Maddalena Archipelego is another Unesco World heritage (declared in 1994) of Sardinia. Its waters are clear and clean; full day or half day excursions are organized: they allow you to visit some small beaches and coves only reachable by boat, whose nature is still preserved and whose beauty is breathtaking. Lovers of pure and pristine sea can choose to stay at the 5-star Grand Hotel Ma&Ma, in the south-west coast of the island, at 350 meters far from the sea. Otherwise, for a more private and secluded stay, La Casitta is the right choice. Offering a familiar and attentive service, it is one of the few villas in the small island of Santa Maria.

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