Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Right Bedding for Good Night’s Sleep

The Right Bedding for Good Night’s Sleep
Sheets are often overlooked when considering factors that contribute to a good nights sleep. But they are very important, providing warmth, insulation and comfort during the night.
Bed sheets come in two main types; fitted or flat. The fitted sheet, which lies directly on the mattress has four corners sewn with elastic, to hold the sheet on the bed. A flat sheet, also called a top sheet, generally goes on the top of the fitted and is simply a piece of cloth with a hem.
The quality of a sheet is indicated by its thread count- the number of threads per square inch of material, with the higher the count the softer the sheet. However, the quality and thickness of the thread are also very important factors.
Let’s talk about cotton sheets first. There are many different types of cotton, varying in quality, measured by the length of their staple (the longer the staple, the higher quality the cotton). The best cotton type is Egyptian. Egyptian cotton is obviously produced in Egypt, grown in the Nile river valley. High thread count Egyptian cotton sheets are a luxury everyone should experience if possible. They are silky soft, breathable and durable, making for a wonderful night’s sleep. When washed, they need to be ironed whilst still wet to avoid creasing.
Of course, the best bed sheet is often according personal taste and many people love the silky feel of satin or sateen sheets. They are great in the summer because they breathe very well and are very light, so you feel as though you are sleeping with nothing on you! Sateen sheets also have a beautiful sheen, so they look great.
Be sure to buy sheets the right size for your bed, as there is nothing worse then the “creeping sheet”, working its way off the bed in the middle of the night!
So that’s an overview of some types of sheets. As mentioned, they are according to personal preference, but remember we spend at around a third of our life in bed, so be sure you’re comfortable!  - Luxury Italian Cashmere, Bedding & Bath Linen

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