Friday, November 16, 2012

Grand Hotel Baglioni and Accademia Firenze set the standard in Florentine hospitality

Grand Hotel Baglioni and Accademia Firenze set the standard in Florentine hospitality

A symbol of Florentine hospitality since 1903, Grand Hotel Baglioni is an integral part of the cultural identity of Florence, with which it has shared tragedies and victories across decades of history. Its rooms have provided accommodation for rulers, heads of state, artists, intellectuals and travellers from around the world. Its imposing mass reaches out towards the sky of Florence standing above the roofs of the city centre and looking out over the spectacular Cathedral Duomo and Campanile di Giotto. Grand Hotel Baglioni reflects a charm and elegance typical in Florentine tradition, but is also equipped with all the modern comforts. The building, a former residence to the Carrega Bertolini Princes, features vast, imposing spaces. High quality materials such as wood and pietra serena dominate the halls, corridors and stairways. The windows still have the original glass mounted in lead frames, and the high ceilings are decorated with traditional wooden beams. There are numerous works of art in the hotel including frescos, paintings and statues. The rooms of Grand Hotel Baglioni contain all the charm of Tuscan tradition, and at the same time offer high quality modern comforts. The typically Florentine style that characterizes the 193 rooms is composed of simple but elegant elements, mahogany furniture with parts in wrought iron, warm parquet and lacunar ceilings, lead glass windows and Florentine ceramics which embellish the large bathrooms. The effect of this combination between essential style and attention to detail is a feeling of warmth and well-being provoking a desire to come back for another stay.

It stands in the heart of the historic city centre, three hundred meters from Santa Maria Novella railway station. It’s an excellent starting point for exploring and getting to know this astonishing city, a place which allows travellers to completely understand the true essence of Florence, because Grand Hotel Baglioni represents one of the strongest symbols of hospitality in Italy. Florence transmits a multitude of emotions and sensations to travellers, scents, flavours and works of art stimulate the senses and remain engraved in the memory. Surrounded by beautiful hills, Florence is an open air museum which houses some of the most precious Italian treasures, including the Cathedral with its magnificent Duomo designed by Brunelleschi, Giotto's Campanile, the Uffizi Gallery and much, much more. But it is the hidden and lesser known Florence that will remain in your heart: the Florence of the tiny artisan workshops which hand down ancient techniques from generation to generation, the small churches and street markets, traditional restuarants and places off the beaten path.

Accademia Firenze is an integral part of the Florentine artisan tradition, and is proud to be one of Grand Hotel Baglioni’s suppliers of luxury Italian bed linen.  - Luxury Italian Cashmere, Bedding & Bath Linen

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