Friday, January 9, 2015

What is Luxury?

What is Luxury?

Luxury can mean many different things, depending on the person you ask. Being a luxury linen representative, the choices for me are quite simple: cashmere, Egyptian cotton bedding and fur blankets! Some other obvious examples that come to mind are extravagant dinners in glorious locations, private yachts, and fast sport cars. Others might disagree with this response and insist that luxury is found in the simple pleasures that are often overlooked: Having time to finally manicure your nails, indulging in a decadent box of truffles, or the simplicity of listening to the waves crash on a deserted beach. The way you choose to live luxuriously is your own. We are all entitled to luxury and so we should all have it, don't you think?

Luxury makes us feel special because it may not be something we have access to on a day to day basis. Luxury makes us feel pampered and important. Luxury gives us a reason to set goals so we can live, well...luxuriously. 

Amancara's challenge to you is to dedicate 2015 to luxury, because everyone deserves a bit of luxury in their lives. Set a goal or set aside some extra time to live the extraordinary and pamper yourself and your loved ones. Make 2015 the best year yet. Browse our online store to start making your wish list! 

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