Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wool or Cashmere....How to Solve This Winter Crisis?

Wool or Cashmere....How to Solve This Winter Crisis!

Winter is quickly emerging and a lot of you might be asking a very important question: Should I wear wool or cashmere? 

Even though wool is in itself a special woven fabric, it can also stain easily and cause itchiness when worn in warmer environments. Cashmere is both elegant and simple, a classic garment in one’s wardrobe, with the advantage of keeping you both warm and looking incredible this winter season.
Instead, cashmere is lighter and easier to wear, making it a practical asset to a woman’s daily routine. Dressed up or dressed down you should always feel comfortable as well as fashionable. 

For us at Amancara, the choice is clearly cashmere. It is by far the most luxurious choice, so why not wrap up like royalty!
Our cashmere collection is the ultimate investment in style. We have a variety of 100% Mongolian cashmere scarves that you can browse through online. If you are not looking for something to wear yourself, then why not buy something to help you relax the right way after a long day at work, like one of our wonderful hand-frame made cashmere throws. Make the right choice this winter season and invest in some quality cashmere instead of wool. Shop now at: to browse our latest cashmere additions. They are not only handmade, but 100% produced in Italy by Tuscan artisans.

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