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The Accademia Firenze Luxury Italian Linen Official Store in Porto Cervo

The Accademia Firenze Luxury Italian Linen Official Store in Porto Cervo
The Summer Season is getting under way in Porto Cervo, the magnificent ‘Jewel of Sardinia’! So when you come to visit we’ll be waiting for you at the Accademia Firenze Luxury Italian Linen Official Store, right in the centre of the resort.

The shop is open daily with the complete Accademia Firenze Collection available to buy, from bed linen to cashmere, bathrobes to towels, everything being handmade by Accademia Firenze’s Tuscan Artisans.

But what is some of the essential information that you need to know about Porto Cervo? Well, this small village rises on a cape formed from the bay of the gulf of Arzachena, and it is the true centre of the Costa Smeralda. It came into existence in 1962 through Prince Karim Aga Khan who was fascinated by the beauty of these coasts. He purchased the entire area and constructed the first hotel.

In the zone south of Porto Cervo is "Vecchio Porto" which was built in the 60’s and is still a working port. The most recent addition is the tourist port, to the east of the area. It is very well equipped with a capacity of 700 berths. Both ports are part of the village of Porto Cervo.

In a place like this you shouldn’t miss going around the docks in order to admire the best yachts in all of the Mediterranean. The village rises along the coasts in a deep natural bay shaped like the horns of a deer (from which it takes the name), as far as the slopes of the small surrounding hills.

To the western side of the port is the “Marina di Porto Cervo”. It is one of the biggest in the Mediterranean, and only a few others can compete with the beauty of its surroundings. In the summer there’s always a parade of beautiful yachts and famous faces, and every day there are many exclusive events and parties.

In the centre of Porto Cervo you can enjoy a fascinating walk: from the little Chiacchiere’s square until the Sottopiazza it is full of alleys, windows and balconies constructed in the typical style of the Costa Smeralda. There you’ll find many stores from famous luxury brands, including Accademia Firenze. Then you can continue on to the little square that faces the old port where you can admire exclusive yachts in the crystal waters surrounded by beautiful villas.

Additionally, the picturesque church of “ Stella Maris” offers a extraordinary view of “Marina di Porto Cervo”. The night turns Porto Cervo into a fascinating place, where the light reflecting on the water creates a magical atmosphere. Come and share it with us – Accademia Firenze Luxury Italian Linen Official Store - Sa Conca n.4, 07021, Porto Cervo (OT), Italy.

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