Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Add a piece of Tuscan Spring to your home with Accademia Firenze

Add a piece of Tuscan Spring to your home with Accademia Firenze
While you’re doing the Spring cleaning why not bring in the new, and add that distinctive Tuscan feel to your home with Accademia Firenze Luxury Italian Linen. All of Accademia Firenze’s collection is traditionally produced in Florence, so your purchase is the genuine luxury article, as well as of the highest quality, ensuring that you get the very best year after year.
The Anversa Collection in cream/red

If you’re looking for some fresh, cool bed linen for the Spring and Summer you’ll find plenty of choice amongst our bed set, duvet cover and pillowcase collections. For a modern look with plenty of choice in colours, there’s our Anversa Collection, available in both linen and Egyptian cotton – white/natural linen, cream/dark anthracite and cream/red. If you like a bit of embroidery, take a look at the Geneve Collection, bed sets, duvet covers and pillowcases. With this collection in Egyptian cotton percale you can choose your embroidery colours, white/blue, ivory/beige or ivory/beige and blue.
The Nadir pure linen bed set in beige/light blue

Alternatively, looking at our special offers you’ll find both the Nadir (reduced by 30%) and the Nadir Jour (also reduced by 30%!) king size linen bed sets. The Nadir is available in beige/light blue and the Nadir Jour in natural linen with a cream border. Perfect to keep you cool and comfortable on those warmer Spring and Summer nights.

If you’re planning your holiday don’t forget your beach towel! Accademia Firenze has a collection of the highest quality and variety which will keep you looking good and dry at the beach, on the yacht or by the pool. The Forte Dei Marmi is a particular favourite, and is available in a variety of beautifully coordinated colours, or the glorious simplicity of the Medici, available in white with double blue embroidered twists on Egyptian cotton borders, or beige with double gold embroidered twists on natural linen borders.
The Forte Dei Marmi striped beach towel in gold/light brown
The Colonia mantle, pure cashmere, hand frame-made

If there’s a bit of a chill during the evening, why not make use of one of our exquisite handmade cashmere wraps/mantles. For her, we have the Ardea mantle, perfect for a walk on a summer evening, its lightness and smoothness enhance the elegance of a lady. It is entirely produced in our atelier in Florence.  Or for him and her, there’s the Colonia, a soft, pure cashmere hand frame-made mantle finished with hand knotted fringes. This article is entirely produced in our atelier in Florence with an exclusive, ancient shuttle loom.

Accademia Firenze Luxury Italian Linen has everything you need for the Spring and Summer. Our collection is made from the finest materials by the most experienced craftsmen, meaning that when you buy an Accademia Firenze product, it’ll be the highest quality, the most comfortable, and will never let you down.

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