Thursday, March 7, 2013

March in Tuscany

March in Tuscany
Mimosa flowers, in bloom during March
In Italian it is said that March is “pazzerello” – a bit crazy. Describing March weather is practically impossible: it could be like a winter month with very cold and rainy days, or like the first month of spring, with warm and sunny days. Generally speaking, the beginning of the month is cold if the end of February was warm and vice versa. The end of the month can be rainy but it is normally characterized by pleasant sunny days.

Average temperatures range between 5-15°C, but colder or warmer days do occur. March is generally the month when taking a nice long walk in the countryside becomes pleasant again after the cold winter months. Grass covers the fields and the fruit and mimosa trees are in bloom, which makes the rural areas quite beautiful. Piles of branches can also be seen in olive groves because March is the time of the year when olive trees are pruned ready for the summer.

March 8 is Women’s Day in Italy, called “Festa della Donna”. The symbol of Women’s Day is the mimosa flower. And once again this year in Florence all the civic museums will be free for women that day. This includes Palazzo Vecchio and its Tower, which needs to be booked, Stefano Bardini Museum, Santa Maria Novella Complex and Brancacci Chapel, which also needs to be booked.  - Luxury Italian Cashmere, Bedding & Bath Linen

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