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Enjoy the spring scents of Tuscany

Enjoy the spring scents of Tuscany
Beautiful, evocative and exciting for those who love to discover authentic postcard scenes. The Chianti countryside is the ideal destination to sample the colors and scents of spring in Tuscany. Harmonious landscapes geometrically covered with vineyards, where the most famous wine in the world is produced, and where you can "lose yourself" in the paths that reveal their treasures amongst abbeys, monasteries, castles and medieval villages.

Discover the charm of the medieval villages that still tell their thousand-year history. The piazza, the heart of town, where people meet and where visitors can find the most important monuments, becomes the site of traditional markets between March and June. Wine, olive oil, honey, fruit and vegetables, and even cheeses from sheep, cows and goats milk, jams and preserves, are home-made products of this land, the work of farmers who have retained the tradition of their ancient crafts.  

From Chianti to Val d'Orcia, there's plenty of choice, in every city you can enjoy a holiday filled with culture.

A short distance away take a trip down memory lane in Volterra with its Etruscan treasures, or Fiesole with its precious archaeological finds. For those who prefer to relax, in Terre di Siena gushing hot springs contain many beneficial properties: Bagni Vignoni, the oldest known baths, dating from the time of the Etruscans, Bagni San Filippo, with its white lime deposits that unfold in magical country paths, Saturnia, and finally Rapolano. Each place is worth a visit and an immersion in its healthy waters!

Another attractive alternative for a visit is Mugello. This Florentine countryside was beloved by the Medici family. The Villas of Cafaggiolo and Trebbio are the most magnificent examples of their residences, Mugello is also the birthplace of Giotto and Beato Angelico, geniuses of painting and art.

Nature walks and open air activities: the great Bilancino lake, dotted with beaches and coveted by windsurfers - fun is guaranteed! In the surrounding restaurants the classic dishes, from the rosticcianna to potato tortelli, give you the chance to treat yourself to a tasty interlude. For lovers of shopping, the Barberino Outlet Store is a paradise of international fashion at great prices.Fans of roaring engines can watch car and motorcycle races at Mugello autodrome.

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