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The Dalì Universe Exhibition in Florence

 The Dalì Universe Exhibition in Florence

Don't miss Dalì in Florence! The exhibition "The Dalì Universe" is entirely dedicated to Salvador Dalì, with more than 100 works by the Master of Surrealism, a unique opportunity that allows the public to get to know some of the lesser known aspects of the work of the great artist, making it particularly fascinating.

The visitor is able to admire collections as yet less known, related to different aspects of Dalì's artistic production, for example sculptures in bronze, including two large sculptures in two of the main squares of the city. It also includes illustrations on the great themes of literature (he dedicated himself to the reinterpretation of many surrealist literary texts, both contemporary and classical), glass objects and his collection set in gold.

Even if modern and contemporary art are not always for everyone, you have to make effort to understand it, and you often find yourself bending your head to and fro in order to get the right point of view, it is also true that there are artists who undoubtedly have an appeal of their own. Salvador Dalì is one of the latter.

Melting Clock by Dalì
His soft watches, the egg, or the elephants with long slender legs have struck and continue to strike and seduce the imagination. The symbol and the dream were the tools and inspiration for a genius in continuous turmoil that have spanned the entire twentieth century and were involved not only in the art world but also in cinema, fashion, and entertainment in general.

He was a versatile and prolific genius who worked with different techniques and materials.Dalì the sculptor, Dalì the painter, Dalì the illustrator , Dalì the designer ...all different facets of one of the fathers of surrealism, perhaps the most representative of the movement in our collective imagination.
Hence, if we were to summarize Dalì in one sentence, it would be: "Surrealism is me."
Triumphant Elephant by Dalì 

The exhibition has been organized by the Ambrosiana Foundation for Art and Culture and is curated by the Foundation's Chairman Beniamino Levi, collector, dealer and one of the leading experts on Salvador Dalí, who personally met him and his entourage from the sixties onwards, meeting him in his residences in Paris, New York and in his native Spain.

The main task of the Ambrosiana Foundation for Arts and Culture is to make known to the public the work of the genius Salvador Dalì, and has so far organized more than 80 exhibitions in the most important museums in the world with over 10 million visitors.

Dalì in Florence is an exhibition for the curious, whether you know much about him or not.

1 February to 25 May 2013
Palazzo Medici Riccardi
Via Cavour, 1 - Florence
Opening hours: every day from 9am to 7pm
Tickets: €10 - 
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