Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bedding Colour Coordination Ideas

Bedding Colour Coordination Ideas
An important part of sleep health and quality of sleep is having a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing bedroom. Most importantly, your bed should be aesthetically pleasing, as well as comfortable. One way to do so is to have comfortable and beautiful bedding.

Consider the following colour coordination ideas;

Brown, Cream and Green
One bedding idea for serene and stylish bedding is to utilize the colours brown, cream and green. The green colour should be a muted lime green colour. The sheets can be cream coloured, which are easier to wash and coordinate than are patterned or coloured sheets. A nice option for a comforter is to purchase one that is cream with brown accents. Alternately, brown with the muted lime green accents would look nice as well. Add throw pillows to your bed with fun patterns in these colours.

Tiffany Blue and Brown
A lovely colour combination used by interior designers is the use of Tiffany blue and brown together. The colour Tiffany blue is the exact match of the colour of the boxes used by the famous jewelry store of the same name. The brown is a classic offset to this colour. You can implement the colours into your bedding in a myriad of ways. To do this economically, just purchase one or two sheet sets in white or another basic colour. Add a comforter in the Tiffany blue colour. Purchase brown or blue and brown pillowcases. Add some throw pillows with brown and Tiffany blue colours on them.

All things that are old are new again. Retro fashion, including interior fashions, are now quite trendy and stylish. A retro style bedding combination can be a fun way to update the look of your bedroom. Retro essentially can be anything that was in style during any of the past decades. One easy look to do is to incorporate bedding with a 1970's style. Purchase bedding in colours that represent the style of that decade, yellows, browns and oranges. Add some throw pillows with retro flower style designs.  - Luxury Italian Cashmere, Bedding & Bath Linen

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