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Amancara's Traditional Luxury Cashmere Production

Amancara's  Traditional Luxury Cashmere Production
Luxury cashmere throws and blanket from Amancara's collection

A highly-valued product, Cashmere provides light-weight insulation without bulk. Cashmere is fine in texture and strong, light and soft. It is obtained from the Hyrcus goat, which is native to the mountain regions of Asia, especially Kashmir in India, Tibet, Iran, Iraq, China, Persia, Afghanistan and Mongolia. This goat is particularly robust and has a great resistance to low temperatures. To protect itself from the cold, these goats produce a double fleece which consists of a soft undercoat of hair, mingled with a straighter and much coarser outer coating of hair called guard hair. The soft undercoat is highly valued and is usually white in colour. Cashmere is imported from various areas such as Iran and Afghanistan, but the best quality cashmere comes from Mongolia, where winters are extremely cold and dry. Cashmere has a very high price due to the small amount of pure cashmere that is produced each year, around 150-200g per goat.

Amancara uses only the finest raw materials and transforms them into textiles in Italy, where sophisticated techniques combined with experience gained from a long tradition, guarantee the best cashmere available. All Accademia Firenze’s cashmere throws, blankets and mantles are finished by hand, which allows the material to remain soft and light, ideal for making high quality cashmere.
We are proud to promote traditional Tuscan production, so Accademia Firenze uses a particular kind of cashmere “Fibra dei re” (“King’s fibres”) which is taken from animals bred in natural, uncontaminated surroundings, where they are given the best living conditions guaranteeing their health and well being and so providing an excellent product which is extremely soft and light. No chemical products or pollutants are used in production and the process does not harm the environment or waste natural resources. So, a “sustainable cashmere” is created, the highest quality textile which is soft, fine, strong and light, with excellent insulation.

Cashmere can be dyed and spun into yarns and knitted into garments, or woven into fabrics. For yarns, Amancara uses a high quality turned-double 28. For woven products, we use traditional methods such as antique looms, which produce an extremely soft material. Due to the lengthy production process and scarce quantity of raw materials, only a limited number of cashmere items are produced every year. Each throw, blanket and mantle is a uniquely crafted product, ideal for any home.  To see Amancara's entire  cashmere collection visit us online. 

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