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Fresh Summer Bed Linen Ideas

Fresh Summer Bed Linen Ideas
The bed linens you choose can impact your summer sleep for better or worse. Picking the wrong sheets can cause you to sweat, be uncomfortable and unable to sleep at all, so it's a good idea to do a little research before you buy summer bed linens.
The look of sheets will be the first thing you notice about them. For a more sophisticated summer look find sheets in a solid colour. Nice sophisticated colours for summer would be lighter shades of any colour, and especially whites. Whatever you select it should brighten up the bedroom and bring the feeling of summer indoors.

Now, a far more important issue for summer linens is their ability to maintain a pleasant body temperature. Natural fibres breathe, let air circulate and wick moisture away, which is important, considering that the average person gives off around 600ml of perspiration during an eight-hour sleep. Synthetic fabrics do not breathe well at all and keep your body heat trapped, which in the summer time will make you sweat more and have an unpleasant night of sleep. This is why Accademia Firenze has chosen to produce all it’s luxury bed linen using only 100% natural fibres.
Amancara's Geneve Cotton Percale Bed Set

Cotton is comfortable, durable, affordable and comes in several types of weaves. During the hot summer nights though you will be most comfortable in sheets with a slightly lower thread count. If you prefer cotton in a high thread count then make sure the linens you choose use a finer single ply yarn technique. Otherwise, it will create very heavy material, which is not good for summer.

Amancara's Tina Cotton Sateen Bed Set

Two popular summer styles are 100% cotton percale and sateen. Percale is a flat weave with a high thread count. The thread count results in a tightly woven fabric that is crisp, durable and finely textured. Sateen has the same luxurious feel as silk. Sateen sheets have a satin weave, which means they are woven so that one side has a smooth, shiny finish and the other has a matte finish. That's what gives sateen sheets their shine.

Amancara's Nadir Linen Bed Set

You can have actual linen for your bed linens. This is a very popular fabric for warm weather because it breathes well and gives full coverage without feeling heavy or too warm. Linen is very durable and will provide a nice summer bedding set.

Luxury Italian Cashmere, Bedding & Bath Linen

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